AkuLicense Frequently Asked Questions

AkuLicense has customizable reports that you can export into a CSV file for easy manipulation.

Yes, we allow an unlimited number of users, each can be assigned a role within AkuLicense. In addition, the software has task delegation tools so responsibilities can be assigned to an individual or team.

No, AkuLicense is independent from your ERP systems. It is a stand-alone system.

AkuLicense costs are based on your business and the number of licenses and permits you have. Please contact Clarus Partners for more information.

Yes, AkuLicense provides mass import and update features. You can upload data or multiple licenses to update your licenses. It allows employees at any location to upload licenses or data.

Yes, AkuLicense maintains a comprehensive audit log. In addition, you will have the data used to file the license, copy of the license, and contact information for persons providing information. All documents are linked to the license.

Yes, AkuLicense will send emails with upcoming due dates based on 90, 60, and 30 days in advance to assist with planning. In addition, customizable reports are easy to run based on specific criteria.

  • AkuLicense tracks filing due dates.

  • AkuLicense tracks current status in the process i.e., not started, waiting on data, etc.

  • AkuLicense tracks contact information for individual locations, so it is easy to obtain the data needed.

  • AkuLicense tracks filing websites for each license.

  • AkuLicense tracks data requests and can send automatic emails each year to remind the responsible party to send the information.

Training will be provided by Clarus Partners’ business license team. They will help you get your team trained on the software and its features. They will assist in getting the licenses imported into the software and get you started. 

Contact Clarus Partners to set up a demonstration. 

When purchasing the AkuLicense software, the business license team will train, and answer questions related to the software. Clarus Partners does offer full-service business license services and consulting services where we can manage your licenses and/or answer questions as your business expands.

Yes, you can license the software and handle your renewals. You will still receive all the features AkuLicense provides. Alternatively, let Clarus Partners handle all of your renewals while you still have full visibility as to their status within AkuLicense.

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