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Cultivate your business with Clarus Partners as an Alliance Partner

Alliance Partner


Clarus Partners is here to help fill the gaps

As a Clarus Alliance Partner, assist your clients in overcoming tax compliance challenges. Our program is specifically tailored to alleviate customer pain points and facilitate a seamless experience. We offer recommendations for the right products, comprehensive services, and collaborative solutions to empower you in supporting your clients.

Reasons to Collaborate with Clarus Partners

Clarus Partners offers a collaborative Alliance Partner program designed to help us achieve great things together. We bring industry expertise and a wide network to the table, while you gain access to new audiences and opportunities to strengthen your brand. Let's explore how our combined strengths can create a thriving alliance.


We want to be true Partners. With Clarus you don’t have to worry about competition.


Our people and services are what sets us apart! A partnership with us can ensure that your clients are getting a complete end-to-end solution for all of their needs.

Partner Perspectives

Clarus Partners have been great about following up and being patient with my clients and their questions. Timeliness, quality and professionalism are all factors that have been apparent in responses from Clarus Partners. The quality of service has been good with clients from a soft skill, management standpoint, as well as timeliness of execution on compliance pieces of engagement. Having another trusted advisor that I can work with to support my clients as I market my services is a great asset. 

Bo Blocher, Partner
Calvetti Ferguson

I would describe Clarus Partners as a knowledgeable, friendly company of sales tax experts who can confidently deliver support and ongoing compliance needs. They go about it in a fantastic way at the right price. It is great to get tax experts who are real humans, compared to their technology company competitors. Clarus Partners responds quickly, they do what they say they will do, and to me, that’s everything in a partner.

Matt Sommers, Founder & Chief Financial Officer
Solid Ratio

Clarus Partners helps us find solutions for our client base. They are experts in their field, responsive and professional.

Brett Laine, CPA
Carpenter & Langford PLLC

The founders of Clarus Partners really put a lot of thought into a niche market and developed an innovative, cutting-edge product that is a winner. They are able to wrap it all together and provide an impressive one-stop-shop for indirect tax compliance needs.
They have brought experienced people together to provide a needed service in the market and they are doing it very well. They are able to provide peace of mind.

Sean Nelson, Managing Partner
EMc2 Partners

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