Exemption Certificate Management

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AkuCert: Sales Tax Compliance Software

Through AkuCert, all exemption certificates are stored in the cloud allowing immediate access for audit and review. Reports provide updates on expired certificates. AkuCert also includes rules and forms for each state and allows for integration with any ERP and other sales tax software.

  • Storage
  • Rules
  • Forms
  • Integration

Service Backed by Tax Professionals

Our services set us apart. Whether on-site or remote, we work with you and your customers to guarantee that the total exemption certificate process is complete. Our services include collecting and updating certificates as they expire; validating certificates by state to ensure acceptance by state auditors; managing all of the information that is stored in AkuCert; and providing all of the necessary reporting to make the process as efficient and effective as possible. Better yet it is the only software on the market that is serviced by tax professionals.

  • Collection
  • Validation
  • Management
  • Reporting

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