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Case Studies - Discover How Businesses Maximize Indirect Tax Efficiency with Clarus Partners

Case Studies Showing You How Clarus Partners Is The Clear Choice

Through case studies we can show you how the team at Clarus Partners works with you to create a comprehensive solution that gets you results. With Clarus, you know you are getting an end-to-end solution for all your indirect tax needs and a partner you can count on.

strategic approach case studies


Reducing Audit Liability for HVAC Distribution Company with $10M+ in Revenues

Find out how Clarus Partners Advisors’ strategic approach and Exemption Certificate Management Services not only resolved an immediate indirect tax audit challenge, but also provided long-term benefits by ensuring compliance and minimizing future audit liabilities.


Finding Legislative Fallacies for Supply Chain Management Company with $1.1 Billion in revenues

Discover the critical importance of in-depth knowledge of unclaimed property laws and legislative histories in providing exceptional client service. Clarus’ ability to navigate complex legislative landscapes and apply this knowledge strategically led to a substantial reduction in the client’s financial burden, highlighting the difference between good and exceptional unclaimed property services.

In-depth knowledge case studies
blended strategies case studies


Net Gains in Sales and Use Tax Refunds for Middle Market Healthcare Diagnostic Testing Services Company, Mako Medical

Learn how a strategic blend of tax research, innovative funding methods, and thorough audits can yield substantial financial benefits for businesses, effectively turning a cost center into a revenue generator.

Case 4: Data Analysis & Forensics

Resolve and Protect Interests of a $1.82B Global Shipping Container Leasing Firm

Find out how Clarus Partners’ forensic resources, deep knowledge of ERP systems, and meticulous data analysis capabilities enabled the client to rectify an inaccurate audit determination and protect their financial interests.

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