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Woman Costume Shopping

Clarifying Sales Tax Assessments on Clothing

Lessons from a Recent Case In a recent decision, the New York Division of Tax Appeals rectified an erroneous sales…

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Navigating Sales Tax on Gift Wrapping: A Holiday Retail Spotlight

Navigating Sales Tax on Gift Wrapping. With the holiday season around the corner, retailers are facing a Grinch-like challenge—state sales…

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Nonprofit exemption certificates in Tennessee

Does Tennessee’s Non-Profit Exemption Certificate Expire?

Tennessee’s non-profit Exemption Certificates expire after a certain period. The Tennessee Department of Revenue issued guidelines for non-profits to ensure…

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Happy Engineer in High Visibility Vest Using Tablet Computer. Industrial Facility Working on Vehicle Production on Automated Technology Assembly Plant.

Tennessee Sales Tax Exemption for Manufacturers

Is Manufacturing Equipment Taxable in Tennessee? Tennessee’s manufacturing equipment exemption for industrial machinery is provided to entities whose primary business…

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Food delivery man in red uniform with food delivery bag on his back smiling and showing thumb up

California Marketplace Facilitator Regulation Update

The California marketplace facilitator regulation has been updated, and will have an impact on delivery network companies, such as DoorDash…

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Historic buildings in Downtown Detroit, Michigan on a bright, clear Fall day with a blue sky and fluffy clouds.

Sales and Use Tax on Lease Transactions in Michigan

Sales and use tax on lease transactions guidance in Michigan has been updated from previous guidance issued under RAB 2020-16….

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During these times, saving every dollar is a good idea. And an excellent exercise in economy is to save the…

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WI & CO – Additional Sales Tax Updates coming out of the first half of July 2023

Additional Sales Tax Updates coming out of the first half of July 2023: Milwaukee adds a sales tax; several sales…

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