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Unclaimed Property Alert

New Round of Delaware VDA Notices Mailed On July 14, 2023,  a new round of letters was mailed by Delaware’s…

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Michigan exempts delivery and installation charges

On April 26, Gov. Gretchen Witmer signed two bills passed by the Michigan legislature in March 2023 that exempt charges…

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Missouri Supreme Court rules to affirm 1.5M use tax refund for Charter Communications affiliate in manufacturing exemption claim

On April 18, 2023, the Missouri Supreme Court ruled in favor of Charter Communications’ affiliate company, affirming the company’s claim…

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Oregon Marijuana Tax Compliance

The state of Oregon generally does not levy sales and use taxes or similar on transactions for goods and services….

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Illinois Concludes Grocery Tax Suspension Period

In 2022 as part of a state budget plan aimed at providing relief to families struggling with rising costs of…

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Kansas Issues Updated Guidance on Sales Tax Exclusion for Delivery Fees Charged by Retailers

The Kansas Department of Revenue recently released a public notice1 that provided additional guidance on recent legislation passed during the…

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MN Implements Retail Delivery Fee

Minnesota has joined Colorado in implementing a retail delivery fee. Unfortunately for retailers, Minnesota has made a surprisingly complicated tax…

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New Exemption for Equipment Used to Product Aggregate Construction Materials in Michigan

Equipment used to produce aggregate construction materials used in the construction, maintenance, or repair of real property in Michigan are…

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