Published: February 8, 2024

Blooming Experience In the Garden: Cultivating Personal and Professional Passions

Nic's Garden

Meet Nic

Meet Nic Schatte, a Senior Tax Manager at Clarus, rooted in the heart of Illinois. Nic not only tends to the intricate tax landscapes at work but also nurtures a flourishing garden, embodying a commitment to growth both professionally and personally.

Professional Harvest at Clarus

In his role as the Senior Tax Manager, Nic takes pride in providing clarity for smaller clients, helping them navigate the intricate terrain of sales tax obligations. Helping businesses expand into new states brings joy, ensuring clients can focus on sowing the seeds of success.

Personal Tidbits

Outside the hustle of tax management, Nic finds solace in Michigan, his favorite vacation spot. Dostoevsky’s words, “The more I love humanity in general, the less I love man in particular,” resonate with Nic’s contemplative approach to life, mirrored in the serene moments spent amidst nature.

Gardening: A Flourishing Passion

Nic’s green thumb extends beyond the professional realm, thriving in the soil of his gardening passion. For four years, he has lovingly cultivated his own food, enjoying every step from planning and planting to harvesting, and sharing the bounty. Nic actively collaborates with fellow gardeners in his neighborhood, creating a close-knit community connected by this hobby.

Advice for Budding Gardeners

Dreaming of expanding his garden beds around fruit-bearing trees, Nic draws inspiration from Wendell Berry, viewing the garden as a canvas for building connections within his community.

For those considering entering the world of gardening, Nic suggests always having something fun or interesting to grow. Embrace the journey, savoring the moments of nurturing life from seed to harvest.

Life Lessons from the Garden

In the garden, Nic has learned valuable lessons about resilience and the delicate balance needed to protect both life and sustenance. From overcoming pests to weathering unpredictable conditions, the garden mirrors the challenges of life.

Favorite Memories in the Garden

One of Nic’s most cherished memories is the growth of a gardening network in his neighborhood. Collaborating with fellow enthusiasts, sharing the harvest, and contributing to a sense of community highlight the joy that his green passion brings to both him and those around him.

Nic Schatte, with his expertise in tax management and love for cultivating life in the garden, exemplifies the seamless integration of professional excellence and personal fulfillment. Whether tending to tax intricacies at Clarus or sowing seeds in his garden, Nic’s commitment to clarity, growth, and community shines through, making him a standout professional and a green-thumbed enthusiast. Read more about Nic’ here’s professional life here

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