Published: March 7, 2024

Discovering Tranquility in Crochet 


Meet Vanessa

Meet Vanessa Lindsay, a Tax Staff member who just relocated to Charlotte, NC, from Columbus, OH. Vanessa’s favorite podcast, Astonishing Legends, feeds her curiosity and imagination. A fun fact about Vanessa is her burgeoning status as a crazy cat lady, a passion she eagerly embraces. Vanessa’s love for the beach, where she can hear the soothing waves, reflects her desire for tranquility and relaxation. She’s excited about the move to Charlotte and cherishes her soon-to-be new home. Read more about Vanessa and her hobby of crochet!

Crochet Hat Vanessa Made!

Vanessa’s Pride in Her Work at Clarus

At Clarus, Vanessa takes pride in the autonomy she enjoys, managing her work independently. This sense of freedom contrasts with past experiences of micromanagement, boosting her confidence in her abilities. Clarus provides Vanessa with a clear path by allowing her to apply her skills from home, reducing external distractions and enhancing her focus on her work. She appreciates this opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Vanessa’s Hobby of Crochet

In her spare time, Vanessa enjoys crafting, particularly crochet, a hobby she picked up during the COVID-19 pandemic. She finds joy in creating gifts for others and participates in online communities to learn new techniques and patterns. One of Vanessa’s most meaningful projects involved crocheting scarves and hats for a local homeless shelter alongside her previous boss. This experience highlighted the power of crafting to make a positive impact on others’ lives.

Advice for Aspiring Crafters: Starting Small and Finding Relaxation

Vanessa’s advice for aspiring crafters is to start small and utilize online resources like YouTube for guidance. She emphasizes the relaxation and satisfaction that comes from seeing a project come together.

Cherished Moments: Vanessa’s Crafting Journey

For Vanessa, the best moments in her crafting journey are witnessing her projects evolve and experiencing the pride of creating something tangible, like her first crooked but cherished blanket adorning her couch.

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