Published: January 11, 2024

Excellence On and Off the Green

Steve watching golf with a friend

Meet Steve

Meet Steve Hanebutt, a Partner at Clarus, navigating the intricate landscape of client needs with a commitment to high-quality work and a passion for resolving challenges. Hailing from Fort Worth, Texas, also known as Cowtown or Panther City, Steve continues to call the same city home.

Professional Pride and Accomplishments at Clarus

Steve takes immense pride in his role, contributing to delivering top-notch solutions for clients’ needs. The satisfaction he derives comes from the high-quality work that Clarus offers, ensuring clients can navigate challenges effectively. Steve finds fulfillment in the resolution of client needs, providing a clear path for them to focus on growth and success.

Personal Tidbits

When not immersed in client solutions, Steve would love to unwind on a cruise ship, his favorite vacation spot. Steve’s favorite verse, “Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?” from Matthew 6:27, reflects his philosophy of approaching life with a clear and calm perspective.

Golf: A Lifelong Pursuit

Introduced to the sport by fraternity brothers, Steve has been enjoying golf for an impressive 30 years. For Steve, golf provides not only an opportunity to get outdoors but also a platform for friendly competition. While Steve may not harbor dreams of making the cut at the US Open, he cherishes the moments spent playing with old friends, fraternity brothers, ex-coworkers, and even former cellmates (HAHA). His annual golf trip stands out as a favorite memory, highlighting the camaraderie and joy the sport brings.

The Key To Success

For those considering taking up golf, Steve’s advice is clear: “Enjoy golf and don’t take it too seriously.” He emphasizes the importance of patience, a virtue he has learned over his three-decade-long journey in the sport.

Mastering the Elements of Work and Golf

While Steve keeps his professional and golf pursuits separate, there’s an underlying connection. Both demand a commitment to excellence, and the patience learned on the golf course has subtly influenced his approach to client challenges.

Steve Hanebutt, with his passion for client solutions and love for golf, embodies the balance between professional commitment and personal enjoyment. Whether delivering high-quality work at Clarus or teeing off on the golf course, Steve’s dedication shines through, making him a standout professional and a golf enthusiast. You can read more about Steve’s professional story here.

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