State and Local Tax Registration Compliance Made Easy

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Complete Your Compliance Picture with Clarus Partners - A Trusted Sales Tax Compliance Partner of Harbor Compliance


You Can Be Confident With Clarus

Clarus Partners is proud to be the trusted sales tax compliance partner of Harbor Compliance. Together, we offer a complete solution for your state and local tax registration needs. Harbor Compliance ensures your state licensing is in order, and our team of tax specialists goes beyond sales tax to provide a comprehensive suite of services:

  • Streamline Registration Compliance: We handle the complexities of state and local tax registration, ensuring you're registered in the right jurisdictions and filing the correct forms.
  • Manage Exemption Certificates: Our experts can help you obtain and manage exemption certificates to minimize your sales tax burden.
  • Navigate Business License Compliance and Registration: From initial business license registration to ongoing maintenance, we ensure your licenses are up-to- date and you're operating legally.
  • Unclaimed Property Expertise: We can help you navigate unclaimed property regulations and avoid potential liabilities.

Let our expertise seamlessly complement Harbor Compliance's services, providing you with a stress-free compliance experience. In addition, take advantage of the power and efficiency of our AkuSuite products:

  • AkuCalc: Simplify sales tax calculations with our user-friendly software.
  • AkuLicense: Manage your business licenses efficiently with a centralized platform.
  • AkuCert: Streamline the process of obtaining and managing exemption certificates.

To discuss how our services can support your organization, complete the contact form and a representative will be in touch shortly.