Carolyn Cutri

Carolyn Cutri, Administrative Assistant, is one of the select few who are trusted in keeping our office running smoothly. She fills this vital role with a cheerful demeanor and deft skills developed over the past seven years she’s served in such a role. Carolyn is a master at finding quick ways to update processes and … Read more

Jeannine Hamilton

Jeannine Hamilton, Administrative Assistant, is a keen asset to our team. She plays a key role in onboarding all of our new sales and use tax clients and our ERTC file management. She comes to us with nearly 15 years as a trusted executive administrator. Jeannine thrives amidst a jumble of data, be it numbers … Read more

Jennifer Reisner

Jennifer Reiser, HR Manager, comes to us with more than 15 years of experience as an executive administrative staff member. She focuses a great deal of her talents in our HR department. Jeni holds a BS in Business Administration from Aspen University and a Master’s in Business Psychology from Franklin University. When Jeni isn’t at … Read more